The group has two laboratories equipped with state of the art scientific equipment.
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1. femtosecond lab 

Rated as a clean room for low airborne particle counts. This enables us to work with a very high-power (>GWatt) ultra-short pulse (<50fs)  laser systems, while being able to detect single photons – for high-sensitivity ultrafast and quantum experiments at a wide range of temperatures.

Groups new lab

View some of the femtosecond lab facilities in depth:

Astrella, Topas and cryostat:

Montana S50 Cryostation with Magneto-Optic Module:

Andor Shamrock 303i spectrograph (and attached cameras):


2. picosecond lab 

The picosecond lab is equipped with optical and electronic instruments for studies of picosecond timescale quantum effects and devices.

The group's old lab

View some of the picosecond lab facilities in depth:

Streak camera and spectrometer:
Montana cryostation Fusion F2: